Restaurant, Wine Bar,
Terrace & Exhibition

The Venue

Rampila is unique. Situated at Hastings Gardens, Valletta, Rampila comprises a Restaurant, a Wine Bar, a Terrace and an Exhibition. Designed and built by the Knights of St. John in the sixteenth century as part of the defensive bastions guarding the newly constructed city of Valletta, Rampila is now a haven for good food and wine set against a spectacular backdrop.

how to find rampila

Entering Valletta from the Bus Terminus, across the pedestrian bridge and through the recently refurbished City Gate you find a wide staircase on your left which you go up. On reaching the top you go a few metres around the buildings on your right and go around the corner. Immediately you will find an olive tree, an antique stone bench and the railings around the entrance to Rampila. You go down the stairs to the tunnel leading to the terrace.

Now an intimate, atmospheric dining room, the tunnel was originally constructed in 1570 and was constructed and used as the access passage to the bastion gun emplacement.

Just inside the entrance in a smaller domed room there is a cozy wine bar. The far wall is stacked high with row upon row of fine wines and a glass panel set into the stone floor gives you a view of the wine cellar below carved from the solid rock that is Valletta but your eye draws you down to the end of the tunnel. You notice a sign to "Museum". In a restaurant? As much a part of Malta as stone walls are the Traditions and Crafts of the island and her people.

Around the corner there is a strange “Hobbit” like heavy wooden door. It is open and you go through. You are on a stunningly pretty terrace. The bastions stretch out above you, an ancient well is cut into the living rock, the fountain sings, olive trees and umbrellas provide shady spots... you settle at a table and take in the view.

Looking directly at City Gate Bridge that you left only moments ago you see all the activity and movement in and out of Valletta. Relax, pick up the menu and the wine list.

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Tunnel Restaurant

The Knights of St John constructed what is now our Tunnel Restaurant to service the gun emplacements defending the City Gate and Bridge. At this time there was reduced headroom and you can still see the niches cut into the rock to control the guns and cannon balls as they were lowered down. Now with its original oak floor, subdued lighting and comfortable, generous seating the restaurant is the perfect spot to really relax for the evening. Nowhere will you experience the character of Valletta and its passageways quite like you will in the Rampila Tunnel Restaurant.

The Tunnel Restaurant is fully air conditioned and heated so rest assured that as you dine in one of the oldest locations in Malta you will be enjoying the best of modern comforts. WIFI is free and cellular connectivity is boosted to ensure reception.

Set over three adjoining steps the Tunnel Restaurant can accommodate up to 36 guests dining in a group or at individual tables. The restaurant can be taken exclusively for groups or special events and is very popular for corporate entertaining.

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The Wine Bar

The vaulted chamber that is the Rampila Wine Bar was rediscovered during the restoration of the Tunnel Restaurant in the 1970s. There was damage to the building above in 1942 and the chambers remained hidden for several years.

There is some controversy over what might have been the original purpose of the room. There is evidence with a chimney that it may have been a kitchen or bakery but most probably it was an underground barrack, store or armoury on the passage leading from St John’s Cavalier to the sister fortification of St James on the other side of City Gate. In fact, sections of the tunnels can still be seen through a glass plate set into the floor of the Wine Bar and the passageway exists as far as Freedom Square but is not currently accessible.

Rampila boasts a small but complete wine list with a selection of eighty wines from Malta and worldwide. We also offer a wide selection of spirits, liqueurs, cognacs and whiskies.

The Wine Bar is perfect for private dining or groups. Why not take one of the famous Rampila platters or get together with friends before or after the theatre in Valletta. We can comfortably accommodate up to 20 guests in the Wine Bar for a seated meal or up to 30 for a standing reception.

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The Terrace

The original cannon emplacement the Rampila Terrace is possibly the most attractive outdoor dining location in Valletta if not all of Malta. Attractively laid out with Mediterranean planting, four ancient olive trees, a discreet little fountain and its own well carved from the living rock the Rampila Terrace is truly unique. It is certain that when the stonemasons put the architectural gem together some 450 years ago they could not have anticipated how centuries would transform the defensive battlement into such an oasis of tranquility.

Open all day, every day, from 12.30 to 23.00 the terrace is an ideal spot to wind down with a glass of wine after a business day in the capital. Or if you are leaving Valletta after an exhausting spell of shopping where better to stop off for a shared platter before the trip home.

The Terrace at Rampila can accommodate up to 80 guests seated and dining as a group. The Terrace is an ideal location for an exclusive group or a Wedding.

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Entrance to the exhibition is complimentary to Rampila guests but as it is maintained by voluntary donations we are very grateful for your help with a small contribution.